Recommended Reading List:

Chris Martenson, the Crash Course (A MUST READ)
Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics (A MUST READ)
Rob Hopkins, The Transition Handbook (A MUST READ)
Kuntsler, the Long Emergency (A MUST READ)
Dietz & O’Neill, Enough is Enough (A MUST READ)
Richard Heinberg, The End of Growth
Stephen Leeb, Game Over
Richard Heinberg, The Party’s Over
Chelsea Green, When Technology Fails
Richard Heinberg, Peak Everything
James Talmage Stevens, Family Preparedness Handbook
Tim Jackson, Prosperity Without Growth

Other notable publications:

Pretcher, Conquer the Crash
Rupert, Collapse
Woody Tasch, Slow Money
James Wesley, How to Survive
Cody Ludin, When All Hell Breaks Loose
Werner, Where there is no Doctor
Mollison, Introduction to Permaculture
Levenson, Learn Banjo from scratch!

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