Report Card

Report Card!

How prepared are you for Peak Oil?…… Let’s find out!

The link below is a spreadsheet with several questions regarding preparedness for peak oil and its implications. Whilst this is a fairly arbitrary set of questions with no monopoly on the right or wrong way of gearing up for transition, it may serve as a useful tool.
Don’t be too alarmed at a less than stellar grade at this point. Remember that it is the state of mind that is the first and hardest step. By virtue of your time on this website you are way further along than most……..
Click on the ‘POAEC grader’ file below and press the open button. Answer all questions and then print out the report card. Good luck to you!!

I would appreciate any and all constructive feedback , tips and improvements.
I will be improving the model every few months so check back to update your version.

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